Quickbyte Interview with Noreen Whysel of The Me2B Alliance

Noreen Whysel Director of Validation Research at Me2B Alliance and Adjunct Lecturer at Cuny City Tech Communication Design
Noreen Whysel Director of Validation Research at Me2B Alliance and Adjunct Lecturer at Cuny City Tech Communication Design

Join Disruptive Technologists Lauren Keyson in a Quickbyte chat with Noreen Whysel the Director of Validation Research at the Me2B Alliance, where she is working on a UX audit process for “Safe & Respectful Technology” and teaches UX & UI Design at CUNY New York City College of Technology, Communication Design.

Noreen is a true digital innovator who specializes in information spaces, standards for trusted identity, and ethical frameworks for responsible connected technology. She is currently doing research into relationships with technology and how it translates to the language of human relationships. 

In this Quickbyte, Noreen talks about how she got started in the tech industry and her “curiosity” superpower. Something that helped lead her into the realm of user experience based on human behavior analysis.

She also speaks about how people’s relationships with technology simulate human-to-human relationships. She goes into how technology utilizes data it has collected on you to deliver products and services which fit what you need or want – which can be the initiator of a version of “intimate” relationships with certain technologies.

Lauren and Noreen also dive into human and technological interaction and her experience with “Safety Research” to ensure people are allowed autonomy even after clicking a technology’s terms of use.

“It’s a thing! I had to do therapy to get over it”.

Noreen Whysel’s personal experience with “vocal dysphonia” from the overuse of Zoom.

Part of her research includes having interviews with people who talk about how they feel about technology such as:

  • A woman who described her online relationship with an online store as “an intimate experience.” 
  • A man who got a notification from his cell service when he was out buying cat food. The message was asking him if he bought something at the mobile phone store in the same center, so they could hear about his experience.
  • A woman with MS who relies on Amazon for everything, fully realizing they know and share everything about her.
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