Quarantine Disrupted — Preparing to a Return to a More Normal Life

We all knew and hoped that our lives would finally go back to normal — or at least normal-ish. As vaccination rates are going up and COVID-19 rates are going down, the time is coming. And I’m not sure I’m ready to shed my quarantine identity.

I know we’re lucky that this is the case. But after living a semi-isolated life for over a year, the prospect is a bit overwhelming and nerve-wracking. I doodled about my conflicting feelings as I emerge from my quarantine self and back into … I’m not sure what!

A lot changes in a year

The past year has been an emotional rollercoaster of contradicting fears and anxieties — from getting used to masks and isolation to a partially “vaxed” world and seeing people again. Now, so many people want to make plans! Mask guidelines are loosening! There’s talk of going back to the office!

It’s crazy to think how I — and likely many other people — were feeling last year at this time in quarantine compared to now. Because returning to normal is what I wanted, right?! 

How was your quarantine? 

As we transition back into a world with more people, be prepared to answer: “How was your quarantine?” Here’s a handy list of “quaran-types” to help.

“Quaran-types” Doodle by Danielle Brody
"Quaren-types" Doodle by Danielle Brody
“Quaren-types” Doodle by Danielle Brody

These “quaran-types” not only can give you the language to explain yourself but also prepare you for seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time. Don’t expect them to look the same, live in the same town, or even still be married. But know that no matter what happened in your quarantine, you’re likely not alone! 

Who am I in a post-pandemic world?

The question I can’t answer is: How do we merge our quarantine selves with our post-pandemic existence? 

Will this return to normal-ish be a smooth return or even more disruptive? Will I keep learning Hebrew on Zoom (my quarantine hobby) or will I choose in-person happy hour at a … bar … instead? Will I have to return to in-person meetings and accidentally try to mute someone with a rogue remote? And the biggest question of all — what do I wear?!

Time will only tell what our post-pandemic world will look like. I’ll keep documenting with doodles as this unpredictable year continues to unfold.

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