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Donate to Support Disruptive Technologists

Disruptive Technologists is a STEM nonprofit (EIN 85-2397895) with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower a diverse community of disrupters including women and people of all backgrounds through a variety of platforms.

We provide support to those actively pursuing cutting-edge innovation, a glimpse into the thinking and methods of those who are considering their own ventures, and access to those who are already firmly established in technical fields.  We offer live and virtual events, think tank talks, newsletters, networking, and other programs that speak to disruption over a range of markets and industries.

“Disruptive Technologists is a groundbreaking think tank led by Lauren Keyson. It is a worthy organization to support because they are investing in people who are disrupting tech for good.”

Ramona Wright, Founder & TEDx Speaker

Other Ways to Support Disruptive Technologists

Disruptive Technologists in NYC offers a variety of donation and sponsorship opportunities. Please contact us at to discuss how we can create the perfect package.  

EIN #85-2397895

  • Advertising
  • Website, in-person and virtual event sponsorships
  • Live event hosting
  • Product donations and placements
  • Foundation and corporate support
  • Digital communications advertising and sponsorships

Disruptive Technologists
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