Webinar: Disruptive Diversity & Education, Change the World

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Watch this interesting Disruptive Technologists discussion on the challenges and opportunities that emerging tech has for age, race, gender, income, and its ability to further education and inclusion.

  • The definition of cultural diversity spans far wider than ethnicity where technology is concerned.
  • Generational culture has a definite impact on the use of technology in the workplace. Within each generation are habits, norms & preferences. How do those habits affect education?.
  • How do racial and socioeconomic differences affect education technology usage? Is the primary reason racial differences are a factor where technology in the workplace is concerned due to what is called the “digital divide.”
  • How does gender play a role in the use of technology?
  • And even bigger – does diversity, inclusion, and education even matter in the face of a pandemic?
  • Does a virus this big and this scary discriminate? Should we care?


Monday, May 6, 2020

Sponsored by McCarter & English

Other things to discuss: Disrupting the traditional model of education (for instance, Arnell Milhouse has developed a system to educate students in tech, at no upfront cost – he is paid based on their future revenue). How emerging tech can help seniors and people with disabilities. How tech and education can thwart CyberSecurity challenges.



  • Joanna Gilberti, Archemy (AI)
  • Julian Newman, Culture Creative
  • Andrew Vo, Founder, Aidos
  • Tameka Vasquez, AVP, Global Marketing Lead, Genpact
  • Esther Dyson, Executive Founder, Wellville & Investor Extraordinaire incl. Square

Microsoft Reactor Host & MC: Sep DiMeglio, User-Experience & Accessibility Developer Consultant, Microsoft
Moderator: Oliver Christie: Futurist: Founder, Foxy Machine; Co-Founder, Moven AI; Data Science Head, Opus AI
Fireside Chat Moderator: Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Transfer Wizard – leveraging critical info through AI.
Interactive Videographers & Directors: Jeffrey Paul & Steve Durham from Ziotag: advanced deep tagging.
Master of Ceremonies/Podcast Host: Dania Hammad: Dose of Dania

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