Video: Disruptive Technologists Event on Digital Preservation, Privacy & Protocols (like Blockchain)


By Tereza d’Andrade

I’m thrilled to share the Viziotagged and YouTube video of the Disruptive Technologists’ event held Monday July 30, 2018 held at Microsoft in NYC, with Vint Cerf, the Father of the Internet!

Were you there?  Revisit your favorite moments. Couldn’t make it?  Watch it now.

Watch the Viziotagged version of the event on Digital Preservation, Privacy & Protocols with Vint Cerf.

Digital Preservation, Privacy, Protocols (ie Blockchain)

What is Digital Preservation?

In-library and archival science, digital preservation means ensuring that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable.

What is Digital Privacy?

There are many dimensions to our digital worlds. We buy everything online. We entertain ourselves with endless piles of digital content. We communicate and socialize with friends and colleagues. We’re all digital, all the time.

But what we do, what we buy, who we visit and what we think is now on sale, and can Blockchain solve these challenges?

Event Details

This Disruptive Technologists event, brought to you by McCarter & English, is on “Digital Preservation, Privacy & Protocols (ie Blockchain)” on July 30th 2018 at Microsoft in Times Square.

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, will open our fun, casual free-flowing interactive panel discussion via audio/video from D.C. with special guest panelists:

  1.  Yorke Rhodes, Co-founder | Blockchain @ Microsoft & is currently down the blockchain rabbit hole with identity on his mind…
  2. David Solomonoff, Developing and supporting open technologies for social good at the intersection of the virtual and real. Former President of The Internet Society of NY.
  3. Nina Knox, Co-founder of Top Ledger Consulting, a boutique advisory firm that provides innovative and emerging businesses in Crypto and Blockchain global ecosystems.
  4. Alan Brody, Founder of Blockchain Breakthroughs — roadshow for blockchain & crypto startups,  the author of Are You Fundable? – a book for Entrepreneurs and Founder of Angel Week Startupalooza pitching forum and the Capital Raising Workshop.
Vint Cerf Father of the Internet, Computer Scientist, Google
Vint Cerf, Computer Scientist, Google

Including a special Fireside Chat with wine and cheese moderated by Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Transfer Wizard of Aebis for a deep dive discussion into privacy & blockchain.

Moderator: David Sorin, Startups & Emerging Companies, McCarter & English

Pizza from Microsoft, Wine from Dana, Essence Water from Hint — plus gourmet sandwiches and giveaways of Lauren Keyson’s new book, “The Origins of Disruptive Technologists and Their Entrepreneurial Culture in NYC”.

Watch our previous Disruptive Technologists meetup video.

What is Viziotag?

With this Viziotagged version of the event you can get to the exact moments that you want to watch with the click of your mouse. Go into the video, Right-Click the first tag, then select each social media platform on which you want to share. You can choose to share any link this way – one from within the video, rather than just the first one.

Viziotagged Version of Disruptive Technologists’ Event: Digital Preservation, Privacy, Protocols – Blockchain


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