Quick Bite Interview with Joanne Scillitoe

Interview by Lauren Keyson

About Joanne Scillitoe

Joanne L. Scillitoe, Ph.D. is the director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and associate professor of Entrepreneurship in the School of Management at NYIT

Joanne Scillitoe

What are your favorite television shows and movies?

I do not watch much TV but I am enjoying the 2012 Olympics.  I love Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy movies.

Any favorite books?

I enjoyed No Greater Love by Mother Teresa.  She is an inspiration in selflessness, passion, and that goodness can prevail.

iPhone or Android or what?

Blackberry and I am ready to switch.  So should it be iPhone or Android?  I am not sure; I am still in the research stage I guess!
Facebook or Google+ or Twitter or what?

Facebook but just for personal friends and family.   I use Linkedin and Twitter for work.   Follow me at NYITEntrep on Twitter! 

What areas / opportunities are ripe for startups to tackle?
Solutions in the energy and healthcare industries.

Have you done any previous startups?
No, I study them and help my student startups. I worked for a startup previously.

Outside of your startup what are you passionate about?
I love to travel, garden, and attend the theater.  I am also a pet lover; I have a bossy Newfoundland as a roommate.

Who has been or currently is an inspiration to you?

I look for the goodness in everyone I meet and find myself inspired by the uniqueness in everyone.  Looking to one person for inspiration sounds so limiting!

The Startup

With your startup currently in BETA LIVE stage, what is one problem you are addressing?
Not a startup, but my vision for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is to create a culture of entrepreneurship at NYIT and support the learning of students so they can start their own business or work for another entrepreneurial firm.

What led you to this right now instead of anything else?
I love seeing the “light bulbs” go off in students when they finally understand something well and sharing my own research in the classroom.   I have to admit, I also love the work flexibility of academia.  I believe I have the best job in the world for me.

What is your current biggest challenge?
NYC is an overwhelming place with so much entrepreneurial activity that is hard to grasp, understand and package in a relevant and usable form for my students.  I have students interested in a wide variety of industries, products, and services as well, creating further challenges.

How can our readers help you get to your next step?
Inspiration, networking, and lessons learned.  I love talking to entrepreneurs and hearing their stories.  I am always seeking mentors and speakers to join the Center network.

Let’s play a prediction game. Let’s say we are 12 months from now, and you are about to present to your board. How would you describe your progress?

I am always moving forward in some way.  My goals are about student learning and that is hard to measure.  My hope is the success of my students down the road will be the ultimate testament of my efforts.

Now let’s reflect on who you were five years ago. What advice would you give the former you?

Believe in yourself, be true to your dreams, and don’t live with regrets.  There are always naysayers and people who think you should do things differently.  Live your life, not the one they want you to live.  However, never act at the expense of others.  You can be successful while also being honest and kind.

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