Conversation with Yedid Herskovitz on The Tool Developers Won’t Be Able to Live Without

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Join Lauren Keyson of Disruptive Technologists’ conversation with Yedid Herskovitz, the Founder and CEO of Rapidream, a design-to-code tool for developers.

As a full-stack senior software engineer, Yedid’s has worked on a wide array of exciting development projects. He lead the complete accounting system rewrite for the world’s largest business telephony company, Avaya CPAAS. He was also the core developer for some of the App Store’s biggest business apps including TapeACall, RoboKiller, SpoofCard, and TrapCall. 

Having previously served as CTO at CodeBlue Ventures (a software development company) and seeing first-hand the deep inefficiencies in software development, Yedid founded Rapidream to solve the pain of the designer-developer handoff.

Yedid enjoys rough-housing with his four young children and wonders how he got stuck caring for the family guinea pig.

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