Webinar: Why is Cyber Security So Elusive?

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About the Event

July 7, 2021- 6PM EST

In these advanced times, why is cybersecurity still an Issue? Cyber hacking crimes are shocking the world daily, from the rampant unemployment identity theft in California, and the recent and extensive ransomware hack to a major US pipeline, to the huge spike in digital fraud created by the pandemic, it’s incredible to think our most brilliant technology innovators haven’t found a way to make us safe yet.

Why are things seeming to get more and more challenging in the quest to keep data safe from cybercrime? Where are the cybersecurity threats really coming from? Are today’s cyber attacks more likely from organized groups rather than the single hacker in a dark basement like the media used to portray? 

Join us for this free, one-hour webinar discussion on cybersecurity issues, hacking, cybercrime, and how to protect yourself and your business from those cybercriminals who are actively hunting for a way into your account right now.

  • Cyber Advisory Services
  • Secure Modern Workplace (Email, Cloud, App, Assets & Network)
  • Information Security
  • Compliance

Meet the Panelists

  • Minerva Tantoco, Innovator, investor, startup founder, author, and advisor, and speaker on AI, cybersecurity, and mobile technology. Tantoco served as New York City’s first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • Ashenafi G. Marcos, Chief Information Security Officer – CISO for MDS, whose mission is to digitally transform business environments with the use of cloud infrastructure; security & privacy controls, data analytics & managed services.
  • Imran Anwar, Innovation & Digital Transformation, Microsoft. At Microsoft, he has led engagements at US DoD, GE, 21st Century, and now Secure Modern Work initiatives at global banks like BNYM.
  • Ryan Burkett, Cyber Security Specialist: Noblis  ESI & Excel Energy & US Army. Advanced Threat & Networking Knowledge.
  • Other panelists TBD.

Moderator: Oliver Christie, Futurist & AI Strategist
MC: Sep DiMeglio, UX & Accessibility Engineer, Microsoft
Interactive Videographer: Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag: advanced deep-tagging.

Event Giveaways

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Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat to follow on July 14, 2021. Please send in your questions beforehand directly to Info@DisruptiveTechnologists.com

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