Webinar and Fireside Chat: Tech Disrupts the Unbanked & Underbanked

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April 7, 2021
Disrupting Finance: The Unbanked and Underbanked in NYC
11% or 350,000 people in New York City are unbanked (have no bank account) and a further 22% or 700,000 people are underbanked. This lack of access to financial services for the most vulnerable encourages a cycle of poverty. In this webinar we discuss what that means to society as a whole and what we might be able to do to solve it.

Who are the unbanked?
What are the reasons for being unbanked or underbanked and why should this concern us?
How can this be solved and what are our institutions doing right now to help deal with this crisis of the unbanked population?
What other answers are out there?


Follow-up Fireside Chat April 14, 2021, where we answered questions sent to us during the main panel.


Send your name and email to Info@disruptiveTechnologists.com to enter.
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Futurist Books: Thanks to Rebecca Costa

“Bank transfers, e-wallets, cash-based payments, and other local payment methods have previously been called alternative payment methods. But they are no longer the alternative; they are the norm for most of the world.”

James Booth, Finance Monthly


  • Esther Dyson, Founder, Wellville & acclaimed Angel Investor
  • Scott Mattingley-Scott, IBM Quantum Ambassador Leader EMEA & AP and Principal
  • Amy Young, Industry Digital Strategist, Microsoft
  • Frank La Vigne, Data & Digital Tech Architect & Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Kathryn Garcia, New York City Mayoral Candidate / NYC Sanitation Dept. Commissioner

Moderator: Oliver Christie, Futurist & AI Expert
MC: Sep DiMeglio, Premier Developer Consultant, Microsoft
Interactive Videographer: Jeffrey Paul, Ziotag: advanced deep-tagging.


  • Microsoft Reactor #MSFTReactor
  • Ramona Wright
  • Esther Dyson
  • Scott Moss
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