Podcast: The Cryptocurrency Craze From a Different Perspective

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Crescent Crypto

Giovanni Fumei, Disruptive Technologists’ Podcast Director, interviews the three young and very enthusiastic founders of Crescent Crypto

Enjoy this educational podcast as all three founders discuss their views on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and how this all fits into Banking.

“Here at Disruptive Technologists, we have a shared fascination with different and unique views — idiosyncratic minds, as we’d like to call them. So when we decided the Disruptive March event will be about Cryptocurrency we thought, ‘Who could we invite that would bring a fresh and different perspective’?

“Right now the narrative around this technology — especially Bitcoin, the Crypto with the highest market cap by a sizable margin, is that Bitcoin is a bubble. A famous strategist called bitcoin: “Bitcon” – and says it has all the characteristics of a bubble.

“So  Ali, Let me ask you about Bitcoin. It’s been going up and up and up, but recently it crashed. Jamie Diamond came out and said that it’s a complete fraud and that he would fire anybody at at J.P. Morgan who invested in it — because he wouldn’t want people that stupid.”

Bitcoin Stack
Bitcoin Stack

Ali Hassan, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Crescent Crypto has a different perspective: 

“There is some great underlying technology in the Cryptocurrency space that could be transformative; however, I’ve not seen this type of enthusiasm from retail investors since the dot com bubble and flipping houses!”

The Three Founders:

  • Ali Hassan is an investor and entrepreneur. He is an advocate for passive investing and founded Crescent Crypto to fill the demand for an institutional quality passive investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency asset class.
  • Christopher Matta is an investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is passionate about financial education and co-founded Crescent Crypto Asset Management to bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream investors through a convenient, passive vehicle. 
  • Michael Kazley is an investor and securities trader. He co-founded Crescent Crypto to institutionalize cryptocurrency capital markets. Prior to Crescent Crypto, Michael was a senior research analyst and trader at Cedar Lake Capital Ventures, a hedge fund focused on natural resource equities and opportunistic investing.

Tune in to our podcast with these three disrupting crypto entrepreneurs on their thoughts on Cryptocurrencies.

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