Quick Byte Interview with John Son of Deepbrain AI

Chatbot graphic by Klyaksun on Envato Market
Chatbot graphic by Klyaksun

Lauren Keyson gives us a glimpse into John Son, Strategic Planning Manager at DeepBrain AI, with this short 13-minute Quick Byte interview.

That’s what’s fascinating about startup environments because there’s no guidelines, no boundaries…

John Son, Strategic Planning Manager at DeepBrain AI

John talks a bit about how he first fell in love with AI, what he does at Deepbrain AI, and what he thinks is a good way for others to join in on this exciting industry. He speaks a bit about the difference between Korean and US start-up ecosystems and answers questions on how somebody with an interest in getting into a career in AI should start. He even talks about the frustration of technology not being as far along as people expect from the media’s presentation of it.

John is also a panelist on the Disruptive Technologists Jan 19, 2022, webinar on The Disruptive Power of a Real Chatbot Experience: AI Humans, so join us for that panel and meet a real Human AI in action when we introduce Depbrain’s Sarah, in her first live webinar.


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