NYC Social Infrastructure & Tech Ecosystem: Are We At An Inflection Point?

On Monday, October 27, 2014 Disruptive Technologists in NYC will hold a panel discussion moderated by Bruce Bachenheimer, Professor & Director, Entrepreneurship Lab at Pace University, NYC

Pace professor and Entrepreneur Lab director Bruce Bachenheimer moderated Disruptive Technologists October 2014 event on “NYC Social Infrastructure & Tech Ecosystem: Are We At An Inflection Point?” He was joined by David Rose, VC Serial Entrepreneur, New York Angels, and Chaz Mee, Brand Innovation strategist and entrepreneur at the New York Institute of Technology.

The financial crisis of 2008 was an inflection point where Mayor Bloomberg was widely credited for reinventing the traditional Wall Street Economy through technology entrepreneurship. Yet some criticized his success as having been more of a wealth creation model for a narrow section of the City. The discussion focused on the idea that NYC is at a second inflection point. At the recent press conference in Dumbo to announce Digital.NYC, the City’s new hub for tech and startups, Mayor Bill de Blasio talked about his new technology initiatives. It brought up the question: Will things get worse or will they get better? What will happen to the gains made by the Bloomberg Administration? The general consensus was that De Blasio will build on Bloomberg’s success as well as make an effort to spread his support of technology to the outer boroughs.

Below is Bachenheimer’s presentation, which proves that what is old in NYC is new again:

Here is the link to the presentation-

Here is the link to the video of the event-
NYC Social Infrastructure & Tech Ecosystem: Are We At An Inflection Point?

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