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Meet Brooklyn Borough Eric Adams, Civic Hall Chairman Andrew Rasiej, Tara Phan, Sree Sreenivasan & Jordan Gitterman as they discuss tech disruption in your community at Microsoft in Times Square.


December 16, 2019

Smart cities stay safe and operate efficiently. Discover the smart technologies that keep your community connected. By incorporating information and communication technologies, smart cities can enhance the quality and performance of urban services. Learn how the collection, interpretation and application of data fuels progress in societies.

A smart city uses multiple sources of data to improve the lives of citizens and visitors. In addition, connected sensors and tech give real-time insights to aid city government, public and private companies. “Data science is the key – the secret sauce to optimizing services,” Cornelia Levy-Bencheton and Mike Barlow, “Smart Cities” Experts.

Discover the smart technologies that keep your community connected. By incorporating information and communication technologies, smart cities can enhance the quality and performance of services such as art, health, and even financial security.

We will hold a discussion about how smart communities use multiple sources of data, online resources & social connectedness to improve the communities for both the residents and their visitors.


  • Eric Adams: First African-American Borough President of Brooklyn, NY. Democratic State Senator in the NY Senate.
  • Andrew Rasiej: Founder & CEO, Civic Hall; Chairman, NY Tech Alliance; Founder & Publisher, Personal Democracy Media.
  • Jordan Gitterman: Founder, Item Banc – developing & implementing crypto, smart city & blockchain tech that has a positive social impact
  • Sree Sreenivasan: Columbia University Professor & Marshall R. Loeb visiting Prof. of Stony Brook; former Chief Digital Officer of Metropolitan Museum of Art & New York City.
  • Tara Pham, Urban Technologist, Co-Founder & CEO at Numina – street activity.


  • David Edelsohn: Ph.D.STSM, IBM Open Source Ecosystem, CTO, GCC Technology
  • Chris Joyce: Founder/CEO Gusher; Venture Capital Disrupter, Company Creator
  • Dana Corriel, MD: Founder of SoMeDocs; Consultant: Healthcare Social Media

Microsoft Reactor Host:
Sep DiMeglio, developer audiences & AI Advocate, Microsoft.

Oliver Christie: Futurist: Founder, Foxy Machine; Co-Founder, Moven AI; Data Science Head, Opus AI

Fireside Chat Moderator:
Bruce Epstein, Knowledge Transfer Wizard – leveraging critical info through AI.

Master of Ceremonies/Podcast Host:
Dania Hammad: Dose of Dania

Interactive Videographers:
Jeffrey Paul & Steve Durham from Ziotag: advanced deep tagging.


Drinks & Munchies: Wine & Beer by Anchin & Anchin ** Essence Water from Hint ** Gourmet Sandwiches ** Giveaways: Disruptive Techies books, t-shirts & mugs from Anchin  & Anchin **

** EXTRA Special Thanks to our Disruptive Technologists® Think Tank Council & Events Sponsor-Partner: McCarter & English and David Sorin, Partner & Chair – Venture Capital & Emerging Growth Company Practices

** AND EXTRA Special Thanks to Microsoft Reactor #MSFTReactor

***And extra extra special thanks to Yair Holtz and Anchin & Anchin for our giveaways, including mugs, t-shirts and Disruptive Technologists books!



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