JANET Gets You Into Area 51 – Just Another Non-Existent Terminal

Janet Airlines in front of of the Luxor in Vegas
Janet Airlines, the government flight from Vegas to Area 51

It’s fairly common for employees to sign a non-disclosure agreement while being onboarded to a new job. Companies often have proprietary tech, practices, or private internal communications that must stay within the company for it to maintain a competitive edge.

The top-secret clearance required for the recent opening of a flight attendant on the government’s route from Las Vegas to Area 51 is on another level, though, as it will afford whoever takes the role intimate access to one of our nation’s most closely guarded secrets.

Multinational firm AECOM, which runs a government-only airline on the aforementioned route, published the listing Monday, which has since been removed.

While the government denies that the airline exists, flight controllers refer to it as ‘Janet’ in calls, which likely stands for “Just Another Non Existent Terminal”—another clever way of saying, “nothing to see here, folks.”

The airline’s small fleet of Boeing 737-600s, slightly smaller Beech 1900s and King Airs would be completely impossible to detect save for the one bright red stripe that adorns the fuselage of Janet’s larger aircrafts, and a blue stripe on the smaller, commuter planes.

While many of the listing’s roles are standard asks of a flight attendant including monitoring passenger comfort, giving a safety briefing, and keeping a calm demeanor, the application requires the flight attendant to “qualify for and maintain a top-secret government security clearance.” Those with a pre-existing ‘top-secret’ clearance will have a leg up in the interview process, as will Nevada residents.

In fact, most of the Las Vegas aviation jobs listed on AECOM’s website require a similar top-secret clearance, suggesting that even the flight controller or the refueling guy might be subjected to some strange situations.

Earlier this month, an Area 51 whistleblower claimed that the government was hiding a ‘time-traveling UFO’ there. The former Marine said he flew the UFO in question while working at Area 51, and is now being hunted down by the government as a result.

Remember, the secret Pentagon program that investigated UFOS was co-created by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who told the NYT that, “Much progress has been made with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings.” Elsewhere in Nevada, the government is testing a miniature nuclear reactor that it hopes will one day provide fuel to astronauts colonizing Mars. The ‘Kilpower’ project is a joint collaboration between NASA and the Department of Energy.

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