8 Important Things Content Creators Should Know, as Learned from Digitas Newfront

podcast equipment Photo by Austin Distel on unsplash
Photo by Austin Distel on unsplash

By Roger Maloney

Digitas NewFront Event for Creators

I received the opportunity to attend the Digitas NewFront event where various new and traditional companies received the opportunity to showcase their company’s online video content to various brands. Today the competition for eyeballs is in full swing because every technology company from, Facebook, Apple, Goggle, Amazon, Netflix has become a content creator because the social media/tech companies understand that they are the new leaders in creating products, content, and services that consumer’s need.

In second place are the traditional and cable broadcast networks that are using their distribution strength to make sure audiences keep their eyes on their content like ABC with Scandal and NBC with the VOICE and Celebrity Apprentice.

In Third place is the game company’s like Play station and XBOX are now content creators with each of their games are now separate brands in which they can create films books and multiple storylines based on the same characters and brands like Halo and Metal Gear and God of War franchises.

In fourth place is Brands and advertisers are now producing content for brands to engage their audiences because audiences connect with their products.

In fifth place is You and now have the power to produce your own content based on what you are passionate about. If you are in banking you can produce content about that and if you are in construction you can create content around that so the amount of content you can create is endless.

Since there are new content creators being discovered every day and since I watch a lot of online videos and have worked with a lot of television producers but the ones that really stand out are the videos that understand that there is a new online video universe that is being created by not TV networks and not Brands but by YOU!

8 Things You Should Know When You Create Your Own Social Channel

Here are the Eight things you should know about online video if you are going to create your own channel and produce great content on YOUTUBE, VIMEO, or any other platforms

  1. People are always watching – your viewers expect you to give them the best information and content possible
  2. Always know your audience – your audience loves your content because you talk about sports give them what they want first and then you can introduce new types of content
  3. Understand the Ecosystem – Online video has turned amateurs into stars websites into networks and if you are going to create an online video channel you need to understand the platforms in which your target audience is using.
  4. Just do it– If you have a unique perceptive for a show then you should do it
  5. Set a schedule -Set a shooting schedule for yourself so that your viewers know when to accept your content.
  6. Keep it short – Make your videos 1 to 2 minutes
  7. Have some personality – When you present yourself on video make sure have some personality so that viewers will stay engaged with your videos
  8. Share it – If you have great content, send it to your friends.
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