Elon Musk Is Now Drilling Giant Tunnels in the Earth to Beat Traffic

By Devin Klos
Elon Musk Is Now Drilling Giant Tunnels in the Earth to Beat Traffic

Elon Musk is nothing if not a dreamer. His thinking is always geared toward the future—whether it’s electric cars or solar roofs. However, a new project has taken Musk’s ambitions and pointed them in a strange direction: underground.

Musk has begun doing test digs with new boring machines to showcase what he thinks could be a new solution to the USA’s infrastructure issues. Though Musk has been fairly cryptic about exactly why he has become so obsessed with tunneling, he has made mention about looking for ways to ease the traffic crush that makes commuting hell for so many people. Since space above ground is limited and it would cost so much to continue to expand highways and rail lines, Musk apparently sees tunnels as the future of high-speed travel.

Any sort of grand infrastructure endeavor would of course be a time-consuming and costly project, but Musk has shown his ability to get big ideas off the ground with a little help from the government, namely for his SpaceX and Tesla programs. So, how exactly could this tunnel enterprise fit into some sort of grander plan?


Enter one Donald J. Trump, now President Trump, who has made many promises about repairing and expanding infrastructure throughout the country. Musk has begun to align himself with the President, which could perhaps lead to some juicy government-backed projects down the line. Though we admit it would be quite ironic if Trump gets behind Musk’s tunneling tech, since tunnels are probably the most effective tools against another Trump project: a giant border wall.

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