Andrew Wong Takes Organizing Entrepreneur Events to the Next Level

Handshaking photo by @cytonn_photography Cytonn Photography on Unsplash
Photo by @cytonn_photography Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

by Lauren Keyson

Andrew Wong, a startup entrepreneur-organizer, said that starting NY Business Entrepreneur Network changed his life.  “It allowed me to interact with so many people and I learn new things every day. These things changed my personality, changed career path.”

NY Business Expo

Now he is taking his entrepreneurism to the next level by organizing his first annual New York Business Expo 2012 to be held at The 69th Regiment Armory on November 14th   from 1 pm to 7 pm and Nov. 15th, 2012 from 9 am until 7 pm; both days will be followed with an open bar after-party in the same location.

Wong explains his concept, “You always try to do something different; something that could set you apart from other events, especially in NYC.  I’ve been doing business events for three years and I’m at a point where I feel like we can take on more pressure and organize something bigger for entrepreneurs. That’s really the concept behind this expo.  My philosophy is always the same:  You provide value to your community.

Andrew Wong
Andrew Wong

Take care of your members and they will take care of you — it’s mutual.  With this Business Expo, the initiative is to launch something that has never been done before and integrate the startup ecosystem in NY within the small business community in NY. We’re not excluding anybody from this expo — if you have a business, come by.  You’ll find somebody that you can build a connection with and someone that’ll be useful to you.

“We are also going to be having this technology component called Startup Central.  Imagine if you were to walk into an Apple store; you talk to anyone behind the Genius Bar and you can easily get your problem solved. That’s why people love walking into an Apple store and love spending hours there.  Not because it’s trendy, but because of that human connection.  

Startup Central

The idea behind Startup Central is that it’s a two-day crash course program. You walk into the fourth floor and you have to speak with a mentor.  More than likely the mentor will be an angel investor or a VC that will give you advice on how to take your startup to the next level.  If you’re a first-time entrepreneur and you need connections, this will be the best place to go. What’s even better is that it’s free!”

Wong said that he has only invited top-shelf speakers because he won’t settle for anybody less than spectacular or an A-list player.  The diverse speaker list includes authors Jeff Bussgang, who wrote Mastering the VC Game, and Carol Roth who wrote The Entrepreneur EquationJohn Frankel founder of FF Venture Capital and Sam Liebowitz of Talking Alternative Broadcasting internet radio station.

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