A Very Disruptive Musician

David Manzano “The Bronx Singer” has been disrupting Manhattan’s underground sharing his love and hate for the world he lives in through his Soul/Acoustic/Rock.  After being in a few bands, a couple of projects, and doing dozens of auditions, Student/Singer/Songwriter “The Bronx Singer” now rides the rails of New York City spreading his influence upon its people.

With no “traditional” musical training David has been captivating people with his melodic rhythms, textured lyrics and powerful voice for the past 5 years. Although David has graced the stages of many New York local venues you can mainly find him performing in subways.

“I believe that it’s when we feel most alone, we are the closest. Suffering in silence and sharing certain emotions link us to one another” he explained, “we are all different but, very much alike.”

Manzano will be performing for Disruptive Technologists in NYC Meetup on Nov 28th, 2012.


  • Lauren Keyson

    Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Keyson Publishing. She is also the Founder and CEO of the not-for-profit Disruptive Technologists, Inc., and founder, writer, and publisher of DisruptiveTechnologists.com. This latest project incorporates published digital content for the web, newsletters, podcasts, quarterly events in partnership with Microsoft, webinars, Think Tank events & dinners with some of the most disruptive voices in technology today, as well as a large social media network on multiple platforms.

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