A Complex Beautiful Mesh Of Virtual Reality & Tech To Simplify Complexities Of Real Life

Virtual flight path
Virtual flight path

Do you remember the movie Minority Report? Do you remember the days when airline travel was actually fun? Do you want to experience lots of things without the danger of going broke? Then you’ll love Microsoft Mesh.

All those things are coming together. Microsoft just demoed some revolutionary new tools enabling holograms and virtual reality to be used in real life and work.

Bad puns and tongue-in-cheek opinions on serious topics are what I am addicted to as well. I love technology, including Microsoft Teams that this article mentioned. (Full disclosure, my current {non-sales} day job is with helping global banks do modern work and collaboration using Teams and new tech). 

I have loved flying since my first trip as a solo-child traveler, at age 7 in Pakistan. And I have been a 3D & virtual reality fan (View Master got me hooked on it) since childhood too. 

Every year (except during the pandemic of course) I am able to fly more and more but enjoy it less and less. Here’s why: I LOVE the “flying in the air, looking out the window” part. I often ABHOR the “sitting in the plane as an airline passenger” part. IMHO, the biggest enemies of the joys of flying have been… drum roll… the airlines themselves.

So when my beloved technologies like computing, networking, software, user interfaces, and virtual reality converge it is a beautiful thing. If futuristic “Minority Report”-type technology takes the “necessity of business” part out of airline travel, it is something I celebrate. 

I bet I would travel a lot more — even at my own expense — if airlines became sources of unique, great, comfortable, fun customer experiences instead of learning how a UPS package feels packed on a truck. If only airlines would learn the lesson that eventually all painful user experiences are replaced by alternatives, and it’s their turn next. Maybe they will understand that the only way to survive is to provide customers such great experiences that they are willing to pay for it by choice, not out of necessity.

Check out https://youtu.be/Jd2GK0qDtRg. What do you think?
ZDnet article: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-just-revealed-the-future-of-teams-you-may-love-it-airlines-wont/

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